The Greening Of The Mind
Healthy relationships begin with trust and become stronger or weaker as the trust builds or decays. We use body language—a handshake, a kiss, embraces—to demonstrate our trust, wittingly or unconsciously. Words are tokens and in their easy flow they can betray us by demonstrating our weakness (“You only open your mouth to change feet!”), our vanity, our limitations.
Paradoxically, being social is how we make borderlines, too. “The other”, not like us, are not our cup of tea as a rule.
“But a deeper truth than the one we would be speaking if we were sincere can sometimes be expressed and foretold by another means than that of sincerity.”

So sometimes we have to make an effort to understand, love, eat beside, sleep beside or otherwise demonstrate our devotion to others. But let’s face it, it often takes a conscious effort even to devote ourselves to our own wellness.

It is only through human contact that we have the chance to grow up, to glimpse and bring to light the hidden parts of us—those sources of fear. Green consciousness above all values acceptance. Accept the fur-clad Hum-V driver and the too-loud teenager gang hogging the sidewalk. Accept yourself and your role in our shared future.

-excerpt from Green Movement Toronto-

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