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Swimming in the Crowd

By Caroline Beauchchamp

Think back to those early years, the torments of forced schooling and the social obligations of being a young human. For many in the conscious community, it was a time of oblique enlightenment. Even if you were gifted enough to excel in academics or physical activity, you always regarded yourself as an observer, an alien entity. The importance of memorizing data and impressing your peers was never a priority. No, you watched from the corners of the room as they handed out gold stars. You watched from the hillside as the hostile intensity of the schoolyard astonished and frightened you. Circus Maximus was right before your very eyes, and it was not pleasant. Even if you could not escape the participation and managed to integrate,..it was more as a parody then as a genuine believer.

Learning to deal with the throng is a life-long vocation. The empathic spark can occur very early in a life journey or it can develop slowly, or, In many cases, not at all. When it does happen, you look upon life differently, you also learn to embrace people you would normally avoid in ways that are genuine and caring. While they were striving to score goals and earn top marks, you were absorbing the data that they completely ignored. Their mantra of self interest had blocked the ability to care for others beyond the nuclear obligations posed by their family and friends.

Even though they derided and mocked your unusual presence and your watchful eye, they inwardly feared your knowledge and ability to read through them. The striving for glory never abated, and damned were those who stood in the way.

Once you were of age to be a non-participant, you retreated and began to build the world the way it should have been all along. True, the workplace and city place were still dominated by the hostile’s, but by that time you had learned how to psychologically disarm them and breathe in a way that made it not matter. –

– In the months ahead, we will revisit the theme of ‘swimming in the crowd’ and introduce you to how some writers (self-exiled loners), famous and not-so, dealt with the throngs of people. -ed

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