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An Artist’s Heart

By Kelly Evoy

To an artist, all things are art
The clothes we wear
The style of our hair
The mood of our days
Our habits and our ways
They sing, and ring like bells in my heart
And the sounds make vibrations
Through my creative-juice filled parts
Life is a dream
And our very days are the art.
And my work is like snapshots
Of all my favorite parts.
I feel and I know
That happiness flows
When I feel and let go
All at the same time
I honour my light
I am full of wonderment
I want to exude infectious and boundless joy
And radiate warmth
I am an aura cleanser
And my imagination inspires
The chests of those in which an artists heart
Also resides.
My purposeful volition
To live a pure and lovely life
Helps others remember
Life is a dream that our consciousness conspires
To make a heaven or a hell…
We are forever manifesting
Whatever we wish to conceive
True love is the freedom to choose
If I remain a light unto myself
The only truths I will perceive
Are those apparent in the mirrors
Standing all around me
And so I will dream within that mirror…
The sweetest stuff of the sweetest dreams.


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