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Embrace the Awkward

“At its origins contact improvisation combined moments of incredible beauty and flow with moments of incredible awkwardness, clumsiness and disorientation. As contact has evolved and experienced dancers have developed incredible capacities for creating flow there has been a tendency to try to eliminate as many of the awkward moments as possible. This often leads to running through the gamut of known physical techniques and making the same choices over and over, again and again. The freedom contact improvisation offers doesn’t come without the courage to accept what is already taking place in our bodies and in the space, to use all our known and unknown resources, to embrace the ever-present making-a-fool quality, and willingly turn even the most awkward circumstances and risky situations into brilliant creative moments. The unknown becomes a friend, absurdity is worn well. In this workshop we seek to reinvigorate the form through embracing all aspects of the dancing. We will challenge ourselves to safely embrace the unknown even when it seems clumsy or strange.”
– Andrew Harwood

The Ontario Regional Contact Jam happens from Friday to Sunday, April 14-16, at the National Ballet School of Canada, 400 Jarvis Street. Register at or via email to

We expect as many as 300 attendees this year, the largest jam in North America.

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For further Regional Jam information, click here.

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