My minutes become yours in love. MINUTES is worth the time.


by Instagator

Staff Writer Sean Eapin, writing of the experience of creating this MINUTES interview, said…

Bars can be a terribly de-evolutionary experience, unless Sheldon Shalien happens to shows up. If that transpires, you’re in for a cosmic journey! Despite the low-key funky music and (as Sheldon puts it) “Non-ambient background noise” filling the air space, we managed to salvage this recording for your cerebral pleasure/pressure—”a sub-dural haematoma experience.” (Sheldon again.)

MINUTES is worth the time, as we sometimes say. We couldn’t think of a more worthy soul to leap into this novel forum than the ever-sensitive and abrasive Sheldon Sugar, AKA The Shalien. As to the identity of The Instigator, that remains retrieved information.

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  1. After listening to your talk Sheldon, I think I am an Alien and if not I would like to get off this planet. Keep up the good work.

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