Volume 2 Issue 16

Meadows: There are few environments as exhilarating to a festivalian as the site of a morning meadow glistening with the rising sun. Surrounded by wooded groves and far from the maddening freeways of the city, it’s a sacred place to gather, sing and dance. The festival season is beginning in our zone and NHC will be covering these events to keep you informed about the when and where and the nearest available meadow. In the meantime, check out our world list of Festivals in the menu or click the icon.

NHC Sundae: In this interview with Vivek Patel, he talks about his mother’s workshops in jail; what conscious parenting is; the example of punishing a child by taking her phone as opposed to making her feel cared about and ninjutsu—finding the still space inside and seeing that place in another. Click the film to view.

Seeds For Thought: You may have already planted your cruciferous vegetable seeds, but this is the month to follow up with the cukes, carrots, peppers and all their friends, providing the weather cooperates. Traditionally, May is one of the busiest months of the year for nurseries and hardware stores. And remember to watch the moon phases if you really want a bumper crop!

The Groove Yoga Festival is warming up for June! NHC interviewed Liz Huntly, who graciously answered a few questions about this year’s gathering in Sydenham Ontario. Click the icon to read more!

Between Sunsets: Conscious traveler extraordinaire, Mel Vogel, is preparing for her cross-Canada walking tour and the community is throwing a fund-raising send-off party for our dear friend as she finalizes plans for her two-year journey. This gathering of musicians, dancers and thought jugglers is not to be missed! You can RSVP at the icon!

In keeping with the agricultural theme and food in its uncompromised form, the fourth annual Toronto GMO-Free Festival will take place this weekend at Christie Pits Park in Toronto. Come learn where your food comes from and how it is produced; talk with organic farmers, chefs, business owners and organizations; enjoy incredible music and kid-friendly activities—all while tasting some of the most delicious, sustainably produced food and drink in Ontario! Click the icon to visit the website or check our EVENT listing for more information.

The Joy of Making: That’s the subject that writer/musician Andrea Bussinger discusses in this feature article for NHC. If you felt like sitting around and watching another redundant sitcom, you may soon come to realize that the people who are producing those things are having a lot more fun than you are. Click the brush!

For those of you who are familiar with the Bloom Series, which focuses on the rites of the transformational festival culture, you will be happy to know that a new twelve-part series is being produced by founder Jeet-Kei Leung. NHC will be chatting with Jeet-Kei in the near future, but for now you might want to hear what he has to say about the project in general, a project which has had a big influence on many of us in the community.

March Madness: At 11 AM on May 24th, at Queen’s Park, beekeepers will open the third March Against Monsanto by dumping a coffin filled with hundreds of thousands of bees that have died this past winter to illustrate the increasing numbers of Ontario bee deaths linked to the use of agricultural neonicotinoid pesticides. It’s serious stuff, and even the corporate lab technicians are beginning to recognize their own evil.

Spice of Life: If you happen to stroll down an unfamiliar street in Munich, Germany, consider attending the 7th International Conference on Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Chinese Medicine while you’re there. For that and more wild and fascinating events, take a peek at our NHC Event listing page. It’s the whole world in your hands.

Here’s the lineup for the The 19th Annual Guelph Dance Festival which begins on May 31st. this extraordinary festival hosts fifteen companies in eight performances at four venues. From large-scale outdoor work to intimate studio performances, as well as five workshops, there is sure to be something for everyone–virtuosity, athleticism, multiculturalism and beauty. Click the icon to visit their site.

If you’re not familiar with Karma Teachers, you should be! Yoga often devolves into an expensive business commitment and is not always an affordable option for everyone in the city. The Karma group provides options for those who are struggling to make the rent and they do it with a superb blend of meditation and caring. This is not yoga as some fitness option, but steeped in Vedic understanding. Read more via the icon.

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