Volume 2 Issue 16

Collective Threads, a new Textile Museum of Canada website currently under construction will provide educational resources and narratives that feature newcomers and immigrants to Canada. Participants share their stories and their most treasured objects in captivating videos intended to create empathy and foster dialogue through an appreciation of the shared experiences that shape human identity. NHC will keep you informed of the launch date.

A Dance Move: Tony Matelli’s art is easily categorized as ‘conch’. To quote Leo Koenig, “These sculptures serve as metaphors for our own social malaise and our general struggle for survival… [and] mimic conditions associated with trying to locate oneself within our social world.” Click the icon to see the perfect yoga lift.

Bacchanlian Facts: The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences estimates that alcohol abuse in the U.S. costs society from $40 billion to $60 billion annually for health and medical care, social programs that address alcohol problems, lost production in the work place, motor vehicle accidents and violent crime. 100,000 deaths a year are attributed to alcohol, but not a peep about this from the distilleries.

Swirling Journey: That’s the vibe in Gaia Orion’s jewellery (see feature photo above) that she creates in her rural studio outside of Toronto. A brilliant artist and sometime contributor to NHC, her work is quite sought after by the visionary crowd. Read more at the swirl!

Threads: Head on over to Artscape for some textile crate digging on Friday. It’s a fabric bazaar for the crafter’s and DIY crowd. Lot’s of supplies to assemble that individualized festivalian style that defines the conch community.

Mindfulness To The Masses: That’s a project being initiated by our friends at Outta, a socially conscious Canadian company that designs products and programs for your mental wellness. And they also like to lend a hand by giving back 10% of proceeds to mental health initiatives. Check out this new program at a click of the icon.

Lynne McNelly of the Wild Woman Project has notified us that the May 26th gathering has been cancelled, but that a New Moon circle will be happening in its place. For more information, visit the main site and contact Lynne for the details.

Off The Grid But On The Grid: Founded in Toronto, Ontario, MPOWER Energy Solutions is accelerating Canada’s transition to a clean energy future by delivering smart, reliable energy services and solutions. They are helping Canadians further sustainability goals with an automated and fully-integrated Green energy solution to help homeowners, businesses and utilities start reducing their carbon footprint today. It’s a fascinating and progressive idea that may signal an important turning point in energy.

Van Gogh’s Favorite Color: This week’s feature article is by Melanie Milanich, who explains why goldenrod is a vital component of our ecosystem and describes the potential of the brand-new Goldenrod Club of Toronto. You may find your sinuses clearing after reading this.

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