Volume 2 Issue 17


A Long Strange Trip:  If that’s the case and you’re scrambling for accommodations in the core of Toronto and unwilling to sell your cherished guitar to do so, you might do well by checking out the highly Green and friendly Planet Traveller on College just north of Kensington Market. Learn more via the icon.

Gypsy Will: If you’re on the festival circuit this summer, or for that matter, this year, then you might want to peruse our global directory. Keep in mind, these are transformational festivals, not mass media productions. The people who run them believe in things other than the almighty lucre. Click the icon or look for FESTIVALS in the menu.

The Littlest Hobo: It’s always the quiet little gatherings that know how to rock. No goonerati at the door, no noxious alcohol, and no egos. Mel Vogel’s send-off party at Artscape began with a lively Q&A and evolved into a boisterous tribal drum jam that had everyone hopping. Dirk’s psychedelic light show set the mood as Ariel and company dedicated songs to our travelling muse. NHC will be following Mel’s cross-country journey in the months ahead.

The ReRadical Village Camp 2017: In case you were wondering what is happening at the Windward Community (in the southern part of Washington state) we can tell you that a large gathering of those involved in planning, living in and promoting intentional communities in North America is about to happen. Topics include natural and alternative building, seed saving, soil building, beekeeping, food preservation, sustainable forestry, wool-working, tool-making, water catchment, collection, and treatment, permaculture, herbal medicine, etc.—but also a whole lot of sharing of joy and celebration. It all begins on June 22nd.

Do you appear to be smothered under a sea of old electronics that are throwing off the natural energy channels of your living quarters? Perhaps it’s time to unload the excess and find a way to absolve. Recycle My Electronics can help; click the icon for more info.

One of the defining hippy music acts of the 1960s (see feature photo) was the incredible Incredible String Band. Theirs was not the most accessible melody for the common listener, but they certainly took you on a journey of mind expansion and caravanesque imagery. Listen to the Half Remarkable Question and you’ll quickly pick up on the style.

Yogis who happen to be in the Ottawa vicinity may wish to drop by the City of Om Festival on June 3rd. Workshops, artisans, vendors and the whole works will be happening at Lansdowne Park. Tickets are limited so check our festival listing for more info.

School Of Hard Knox: If you take your freedoms for granted you may wish to consider the plight of women in other countries with less opportunity for advancement. This week’s feature article is a question and answer with Tamara McLellan of the IWEN project. Learn and enjoy.

Sun Power: An immensely innovative and liberating product that the NHC likes is the JENNi solar charger from Better Current. This group was always ahead of the curve with their home use products, and the JENNi (set to launch in July) is a product ‘generating’ a lot of interest. Read more at the green sprout.

Save The Planet: Think about it: sharing items means fewer resources need to be mined, manufactured, shipped, packaged and eventually landfilled. The Share Depot is a brilliant project that gives people hope of a world free of product enslavement. Check out their site!

The Pendulum Swings: Apparently, some of the early NHC articles advocating alcohol and aggression-free drinking establishments have begun to inspire others to venture into the trend. Add a little mind expansion in the form of hypnosis, and those ubiquitous sports-channel bars begin to seem redundant. The Hypnotic Bar, which happens at Toronto’s Tranzac club on June 2nd, is dedicating a night to what that name might suggest. Click the spiraling coin to learn more.

Montessori: It’s a distinguished and highly respected educational system that many mainstream teachers envy. This is not a system that produces sports thugs and stock market gamblers, but one that emphasizes communal growth and shared education. You can learn more about their west side location at their website.

And now, something slightly more current but steeped in ancient musical traditions: Xavier Rudd gives a quick lesson in poly-rhythm and grounded playing—as opposed to grandstanding.

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