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Green Movement Freedom Quotient

“It’s a matter of growth, of deepening, an ever-growing surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.”        – Thomas Merton

Of what avail
Is plough or sail
Or land, or life
If freedom fail?

Essay: freedom

Now for something different, something special and fun! Let’s discuss freedom and measuring freedom.

A measure of freedom is not freedom, nor is measuring freedom more than an exercise in rhetoric. Still, we can exercise our freedom in this discussion about how it might be measured.

Measuring something is necessary if one wants to see progress. We begin with State A and progress to—or deteriorate to—State B. There’s much about freedom that is unmeasurable, but even if the unmeasurable qualities are left out of a so-called Freedom Quotient, the FQ is, like a Charter of Rights, a collection we can essay: we can make an attempt at creating something useful.


Herewith, a quickly listed list:


sovereignty, association (sexuality), security, safety, boundaries


privacy, boundaries, economics (home/homelessness)


media, influence, silence, faith, madness

This article first was first published on the discussion site for Green Movement Toronto (“Toronto’s first Green philosophy club”) on October 1st, 2014.

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