Varanasi, Paranesh.

Volume 2 Issue 19


Ecstatic in the Fields:  You thought they only went to the square dance in Picton, but the modern reality is that ecstatic movement is reaching out of the urban core of the city and bringing a refreshing option to those in the rural setting. Our friend Tamara, a regular at the Regional Jam, is the founder of this micro movement in Prince Edward County. The dancers are waiting to be clicked to give you more information.

Thumbs Up: Did you ever wonder how an artist manages to sustain a career through a whole lifetime? Talent and determination are one thing, but a heartfelt and consistent approach to creativity separate the wheat from the chaff. In this week’s special feature, creativity coach Andrea Bussinger suggests six ways for nurturing your potential. Click the brush to read Establishing a Daily Creative Practice.

With the recent completion of C2 Montréal, the great meeting of commerce and ecology, we thought it a good time to mention the groups that really impressed. While some banks and financiers are nothing more than wolves in sheeps’ clothing vying from your hard-earned dollars, some innovative companies truly believe in treating the Earth as a friend and not something to be exploited. Our favorite by far is Impak Finance. Soon to announce a crypto-currency we can all be proud of, they have a remarkable business model that is setting an inspiring standard for all to follow. You can read about their initiative at the icon.

Others: It’s become a derogatory term—’they’, the others, are not on the same level of importance as the ‘us’, resulting in a world of people taking advantage of people. The pro-social approach is quite different, in a good way. Read more about what this can do for you and ‘others’.

The Frequency of Life: One of the stellar and most inspirational performers on the Conch music circuit is Michael Moon. Though music is his gravitational center, Michael approaches healing from many unique angles. He’s a kind soul and someone who enjoys sharing the wisdom of his own journey. Click the icon to listen to our latest NHC interview with him. To visit his site, click The Temple Of Sound.

Groovy! Ecological, human-based architecture is a recurring topic at NHC, and the era of modernism that swept the 60s still has a profound effect on students. It was beautifully showcased in Montreal at Expo 67 and included the iconic geodesic dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the expo and though little of the original architecture remains, the Centre d’Histoire de Montréal celebrates the history in a year-long exhibition that begins this September. Click the icon to see what’s planned.

Gapless:  On any summer weekend, Trinity Bellwoods Park forms a horizontal condo with a thousand groups of four uninterested in what the blanket of four next to them might be doing. In contrast to that, the Conch (dancers, drummers and yogis) have been gathering at Christie Pitts. It’s random, colorful and devoid of that apathy that seems to define the former. One exception to the TPB lethargy is the Sunday drum jam near the main gates, and, once July 9th rolls around they will be joined by the Full Moon gathering, which will likely shake the  moorings of landed gentry. Stay tuned for more info.

No Leaders, Please: That is the essence of curmudgeon Charles Bukowski’s lesser known poem that stated, “invent yourself and then reinvent yourself. don’t swim in the same slough. stay out of the touches of mediocrity. be self taught.” It’s something we need to remind ourselves of daily when we participate in the hierarchy of the business world. True power knows when to relinquish.

Yep, there’s a big one happening this weekend that will take you to Sydenham, Ontario if you care to journey that far. The Groove Yoga Festival has many of the Toronto Conch leaders on the roster so it looks to be a potentially large gathering. Roland Jensch and Liz Huntley are the good folks behind this inspired event.

Globe-trotting photographer Rei Murikami usually has his choice of assignments from the big geo-publishers, so when he offered to provide the NHC with his work because he believed in the humanity of our project we were more than happy and flattered to have him on our team. The feature image today was taken in the Pradesh region of northern India. Pastoral beauty and melancholy all in one!

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