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Human Resources

by jme

Human Resources is not just the feared division of your employer that tracks your pension and paycheques (somewhere along the line, the phrase was adopted for that purpose—or coined for it). The Green Movement is a human resources movement!

Don’t let these silly essays of mine (Court Jester) confuse you or make you think you should be focusing on getting some productive work done instead of reading these curious postings! You are resourceful; you can have fun with your creative side. You can hitch your horse to the GMT wagon and help move it along!

If I believed that politics or activism alone could harness local human resources and grow a movement, I wouldn’t be having so much fun trying to figure out how to do that through socializing, conversation, immersion in being groovy: persuading, in short.

I apologize if the GMT group—this forum—is not persuasive or even welcoming. “Welcome!” is implicit in the idea of creating a movement. I’d hate to think I’ve taken the almost sacred words “Green Movement” and turned them into a cheap trick.

The real trick is to make this work. I figure it won’t happen with pat answers, facile judgements, name-calling and the like. It’ll happen with sweet inevitability, like the bending of a flower to the sun. We are resources for each other: there’s the rub!

This article first was first published on the discussion site for Green Movement Toronto (“Toronto’s first Green philosophy club”) on December 31st, 2014.

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