Volume 2 Issue 24


Vivek Part 3: Writer/facilitator Vivek Patel returns to discuss the similarity of contact improv dance and martial arts, plus the dynamics of the spiral in conscious living. Click the TV to watch and you might find yourself moving differently next time you dance!

Laundry Day: You might want to schedule that task slightly before Thursday so that you have the whitest whites ready for the massive yoga jam that is happening at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. The world tour of the Lolë crew is arriving on a mission to bring peace to the people, and it’s a sight to behold. Click our yogi to behold the site.

The Chicken or The Egg: On July 24th 1911, American explorer Hiram Bingham discovers the sacred ground of Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. And, as usual, that standard history text book claim makes us wonder how something that always was can all of a sudden be ‘discovered’. Perhaps Hiram was discovered by the Incas.

Peacing Together: Radio host and DJ Daniel Halliday joined NHC for one of our ‘minute’ interviews at the Summer Of Love Fest that happened recently in Toronto. Here, he tells us what the importance of the gathering is to him. Enjoy!

Into The Mystic: Most of us are ‘into the mystic’ in some way, but there are those who have what is referred to as the epiphany: the sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something. If that’s the case, then your experience is what one researcher at the University of Toronto wants to know more about. If you’re at least 18 years of age and want to participate in this fascinating study, feel free to contact Jan at jan.vandertempel@mail.utoronto.ca, or click the icon to visit the page site.

Graceful Nights: Just a reminder for the dance community about this year’s Dusk Dance schedule. This has become an annual tradition that makes the parks come alive in the city of Toronto. It’s always progressive and thought provoking. Check out the listing in our EVENTS calendar or click the icon.

The Quiet One: Mainstream society embraces the sentimental tune crafting of McCartney, but for the love crowd, we have always sided with the spirituality of the quiet Beatle. It’s a simple equation explained in this feature article by Clement, which you may comprehend if you are willing to think beyond Yesterday.

Summer Of Love Continues: There’s a Saturday conscious dance gathering happening in Toronto on July 29th, brought to you by Liz Diaz and crew.  This is an all-day affair which will likely draw a lot of spillover from the weekday ecstatic crowd anxious to keep the moves going. Healers and performers will be on hand too, so bring plenty of water and be prepared for a truly transformative event. Read more at the duo.

People Talking, People Laughing: City parks belong to the citizens, and even though they are maintained by the city they are also enlivened by the neighbourhood. They are what you make them to be. A group that fully believes in that ideal and applying it to low income neighborhoods is MABELLEarts, and their vision should inspire you as well. Read more at the icon.

One Per Customer: Last night, in case you were not paying attention, a new moon began at 5:45. It’s significant for those who are consciously connected to the activity of our own plane, so most people won’t sense anything new. Not unlike two gears revolving, the earth and moon require one another to exist. Renewal is the message here.

Studying Movement: Teachers of dance will be gathering in Quebec City on the weekend for the ICDS3 Conference. This year’s theme is improvisation in music, dance, somatic practices, theatre and therapy, with a special focus on the relationships between music/sound and movement. It costs a few doubloons to sign up but you can be sure that a lot of insight will be gained from the experience. Visit via the ‘imp’ icon.

Toronto’s Kensington Market is alive with colour and sound at the end of every month, that being Sunday, the last of the month. July 30th is the day for Pedestrian Sunday, but be prepared for standing room only—it’s a popular event if the weather is kind.

Orange Blossom Special: There’s a planned linear park and trail happening between Lansdowne and Spadina through the Dupont hydro corridor, thanks to the ‘park people’. The gardens fit within the City’s upcoming pollinator strategy by creating natural habitat for pollinators such as butterflies, birds, and bees, while also helping to beautify park spaces. Click the flower to learn more.

Joaquin Phoenix has always been a disturbing presence to the Hollywood moguls who cherished his acting ability (we’re not sure what good that does anyone) but saw him as a threat to the sanctity of the money machine that pays for their face lifts. Consequently, his eco-integrity leads him to projects that are dear to his heart but not good for his default world career. Earthlings, the animal rights documentary that he narrates, is truly powerful stuff, and should be on everyone’s watch list.

A Stitch In Time: Ahh, the beauty of the handmade rug! When one thinks of the uncountable and meaningless hours we have all spent welded to our computers, when we could have been making something for others to enjoy and cherish, we let out a collective sigh of despair. Here’s an NHC Minute showing a few samples of a long forgotten craft. (feature photo: Marc Allendre)

In keeping with the infrastructure nightmare that is urban life, the lovely little Lovin’ Local Food Fest that was scheduled for July 29th at Dundas Square, Toronto, has been cancelled due to a major, 24-hour, water main and track reconstruction at the intersection. Apparently the city burghers are having a difficult time keeping up with the density demands of the condo lords. Let’s hope this gathering finds a more welcoming home next year.

Celestial: This one arrived a bit late in our event box, but it’s a Darren Austin Hall gathering and those are always worth the last minute effort to attend. He will be performing/communicating at Alternity near Christie Pitts in this Mystical Music Concert. Read more and transform!

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