Volume 2 Issue 25


You Get What You Need: Or so the Stones used to say. It applies to the crystals you keep in your abode or close to your body. Toronto is home to a variety of crystal energy shops that believe in what they do and are there to help you determine what you need to charge the field around you. From workshops to products, check our DIRECTORY to find the nearest locations. (photo courtesy of Mayana)

Over And Under: Our feature article this week is provided by food sociologist, Michelle Szabo. With beach culture in full swing in the western hemisphere and the architecture of the human body on full display, the subject of weight, and why it happens in so many variations, is worth considering. Click the Tao to read more.

Life in Key: In this NHC Minute, mindfulness teacher, Valeri Moysey, discusses a new group that has formed to explore the vibrational power of  sound. Sound Healing Journeying is something we should inform ourselves of, particularly after one considers the nightmare reality of the medical waiting room.

María Mancini is doing fantastic things for the crafting-conch community and creating a genuine oasis in a location that encroaches on the default world of drinking establishments that consume Toronto’s King street neighbourhood. Mayana is a small house nestled within the once artsy Portland street area, and it is a place that welcomes, nourishes and revives the soul (and has great plans for the future). Drop in, have one of the elixirs and marvel at the creative work that adorns the walls.

Drivers Ed: Feel like you’re going bonkers while doing a soul-compromising commute in and out of the city every day? Sometimes it’s just a matter of rethinking the options—planning the route and approaching it with a new perspective. The folks at Metrolinx can help you navigate your way to a better route. Check out their site and learn all you can.

According to—most accurately—the Vancouver Aquarium project known as Ocean Wise, only 48 percent of the major fish stocks in Canadian waters are considered healthy. It was close to 100 percent a mere hundred years ago. For more information on what to include in your pescatarian diet, visit their site at the wave.

Storms, even if not disinclined to chaos and destruction, can often be magic and beautiful. They are the compilation artists of nature. Rachel Duda pays tribute to the concept in one of her posters. Click the vortex to have a look.

Let’s take a walk through the Rouge Valley, where our host Jessica Sellers will tell you why it’s important to us all, and why people get involved to help plant trees to keep it alive for generations to come. Have a look via the little TV.

One of our favourite pre- and post-dance hangouts is the wonderfully thought-out Bampot Tea House on Harbord Street in Toronto. It’s a re-purposed workers’ house, with raised nooks, wild art covering the walls, light food and a vast selection of herbal teas. Though, personally, we’ve become bored of board games, there’s no denying the conversational wonders that happen in this alternative space. Click the icon to visit their site.

Oink If You Love Pigs: However you may feel about this issue, it’s worth paying attention to. Toronto Pig Save asks you to take a moment from pampering your pedigree friends to think about those creatures being trucked to the bacon factory. Read their story.

Jerome at Integrated Urban Living is inviting a limited number of people for the next gathering of the Plantucopia: WildFoods Cuchina project which focused on harvesting wild riverbed grape leaves to prepare for the making of sonar wraps. This is true living off the land, so if your survival forays to the local deli are becoming tedious and you want to re-connect with food sources, connect with Jerome at info@integratedurbanliving.com.

Global Beats: One of the most exciting and stimulating festivals in Canada begins on August 7th. It’s the Festival Des Traditions Du Monde in Sherbrooke QC. It harkens back to Montreal’s famous Man and His World exhibition, which was a celebration of all musical cultures, styles and traditions in one location. Acts from all around the world perform over the course of the weekend, plus craft vendors and workshops. Click the icon and make a note.

The whirling sounds of Dakha Brakha are beginning to take hold of the Conch dance community, and with good reason. This Ukrainian quartet, who appear like Baltic aliens, create a trancelike vibe when they finally kick into gear out of their plaintive introductions. In this video, you get the idea, but do stand back if strobe effects disturb thy psyche.

Feature Photo: Melting Tamas, Mayana.

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  1. Thank you so much New Human City for feature MAYANA! I am grateful to know that people in Toronto resonates with my offering of Art For All Your Senses in this oasis filled with treasures from all over the world.

    Our Cacao Bar offers the medicinal benefits of Cacao in elixirs prepared with the crème de la crème of adrenal supporting, rejuvenating, tonifying, adaptogenic and nourishing Botanicals and Mushrooms. Our Aztec hot-chocolate is Premium quality and our fine chocolates are homemade with high quality ingredients.
    I am looking forward to welcoming everyone in this creative space!
    Much Love!
    María Mancini

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