Volume 2 Issue 29


Veggin’: That’s what we’ll be doing over at Toronto’s Harbourfront next weekend as the Veg Food Fest begins its weekend-long residency on the landscaped shores of Lake Ontario. Put aside those vile chicken wings and start treating your body, and chicken bodies, with mutual respect.

Television, Drug Of The Nation: While the ‘conch’ crowd usually gravitates to less jarring and slightly more galactic sounds, we do recognize music and performance that enlightens us as to the truth. Many moons ago The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy raised a mirror to the insidious power of television and what it has done to a nation. Listen, not just to the inspired beat, but to the message.

Asking Ariel: There’s the weight-guessing man at the CNE and the psychic storefronts that line the retail district, but for pure lack of hesitation and raw honesty, we prefer to consult with DJ Ariel to provide us with answers to our nagging questions about life. So we gave him a call and this is what he had to say about actor-composer-musician-poet Tom Waits.

Randomly: Since we haven’t published a Random Acts of Consciousness post for a while, we thought we would dust off this entry from 2016 so you will have ample knowledge to offset the predictable hockey banter around the water cooler. Even if the meaning is lost on your co-workers, the point is that you shared something that might reset their minds for a moment. Click at the jester.

Pins & Needles: What do punk rock and transformational culture have in common? More than you might think. A sizeable number of ‘conch’ dancers and healing practitioners have roots in the early anarchic scene, though most have mellowed into less confrontational methods of change. Still, the raw anger and disgust at a world that rewards the least virtuous and punishes the working class is something we can all relate to. Punk never went away, and it may emerge stronger than ever as an antidote to the mindless entertainment that is currently brainwashing the youth. Faith/Void carries the torch in the great history of Toronto DIY shops. It’s worth a visit, and yes, you will get a quick lesson on the ailments of our society. Visit them at the eye.

Not that you were asking, but you might wish to consider the idea of Prakriti, sometimes referred to as the “creatrix nature; It is a multilevel state and, according to Patanjali’s yoga-darshana, consists of an eternal dimension (called pradhana or ‘foundation’), levels of subtle existence (called sukshma-parvan), and the physical or coarse realm (called sthula-parvan); all of nature is deemed unconscious (acit), and therefore it is viewed as being in opposition to the transcendental Self or Spirit (purusha).” There, now you know.

Little Man With A Gun In His Hand: What happens to schoolyard bullies when they grow up, if they do grow up? Not all end up working on the loading dock. Some are so driven for approval that they want to be the great ‘deciders’ for the rest of us. Maybe owning a weapons company or running a country is the way to go about it. And for the less privileged, we need to provide solutions to those misguided aspirations. Read more at the money bag.

The Mantra: You may have heard the name Prabhupada mentioned here at the NHC from time to time. He is the spiritual heart and soul of the Hare Krishna movement and a fascinating individual worthy of a documentary, and so it has happened thanks to John Griesser. Beginning on September 8th, you can watch the story unfold at Toronto’s Hot Docs Cinema. For more info, clicked the lotus.

La Tabla: If you make it a point to attend the pedestrian Sundays in Toronto’s Kensington Market, then look for the colourful table displays by the folks from Earth and Water Designs. Seeds, crystals, shells, textiles and other unique finds are sourced from their global wanderings, with a good story attached to each piece. Visit their site at the dove.

Monastic Urbanism: Shinzen Young might be the fellow to help in the prakriti department, and his vocation is generating a lot of interest. The long-term goal of Unified Mindfulness is to change human culture by sharing a universally accessible language for communicating contemplative-based psycho-spiritual growth evolving in concert with science. That’s the gist of his life practice and it’s worth checking out. Learn more at his website via the transformer.

Sounds of Silence: On any given day, the big city harangues with noise. Garbage trucks, construction, and bad music blaring from car windows, compete with the sounds of seagulls screaming for French fries littered about the street. Or, if you pay attention, there are gentle sounds awaiting off the beaten path. That’s what Henry David Thoreau wants you to listen for. From chapter four, take a walk in the woods with this good friend.

feature photo: Nesting Pinwheels by Brad Scott

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