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Human Aspiration

If Dogs Run Free

Nations, religions, aspiration… who is the lowest of the low? Are the mighty of the earth still confident that their power can shield them, even as famine, drought, disease and migration stir the mix and expose ourselves to each other?

This week, conversations with friends about the state of the world tapered off at the thought that groups have always taken land by force, refugees have always roamed the planet. “There will always be poor folk.” The countering thesis is that human aspiration, which lives even in the dreariest of lives, can only find its way forward through co-operation and compassion.

Having it all

Freedom is not compatible with “having it all”—it just takes too much effort to defend stuff, like bodyguards and missile shields. You just can’t trust the servants. Maybe the unexpected takes over and you fall in love but you can’t follow through because the neighbours would complain. Whatever.

Humanity will ooze out of the boxes into which we force it, and now the whole world is the box: there’s nowhere to go for that fresh start, that free range. The parable of the dinner where everyone’s cutlery is too long to use individually comes to mind: one has to dish the food from the neighbour’s plate and hold it to their lips, or starve.

What goes around

What colour will we all be when the races have been thoroughly intermingled? If we get that far, how hard a journey will it have been? How much blind stumbling along will we have imposed on ourselves?

This article first was first published on the discussion site for Green Movement Toronto (“Toronto’s first Green philosophy club”) on June 6, 2015.

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