Volume 2 Issue 30


The Brink Of Hope: With events like this rippling outward from the core of the city, we are beginning to see signs of conscious change: Community workshops engage creatively with the site through land and water-inspired movement, improvisation with found sounds, and textile design. In partnership with Great Lake Commons we investigate microorganisms and micro plastics found in the lakes’ water. Click the wave to learn more about what the good folks in Etobicoke have planned.

Sustainability: You’ve heard the term, you know it has nothing to do with applying varnish successfully to antique furniture, but are you entirely familiar with the scope of the concept? For a quick primer, let’s take a look at the this portion of a PBS video that answers a few questions.

Special Of The Day: With the pathology of food culture causing droves of urbanites to queue up for the latest culinary trend and chow down like there’s no tomorrow, it stands to reason that certain food terminology would make us lose sight of optional meanings of the same word. Take for instance tapas (have we already got your digestive juices flowing?), which, in Sanskrit, has another meaning entirely (austerity and penance), is an ingredient of all yogic approaches, and involves self-transcendence. Bon appetit, and sorry, no food pictures to tempt you!

Arts N’ Crafts: Nicole Creanza, a biologist at Vanderbilt University, proposed that population growth and travel between populations can trigger bursts of cultural innovation. “When an individual migrates to a new population, the receiving population experiences a cultural burst because many novel combinations of innovations are suddenly possible.” That may not be enough to make you remove that giant Canadian flag you painted on your roof, but it may inspire you to lower the hedge between you and your neighbour, unlike what Buck Rogers is doing in this photo.

Modernism: Stonehenge may have been a mere tourist information booth for the Avebury monument, according to recent archaeological discoveries. Well, probably not, but the latter appears to pre-date the mysterious ‘henge by about 800 years. Described as a giant wooden circle-fire monument, its purpose may have been simply to serve as a temporary gathering place for festivals, not unlike our contemporary transformational events. Read more at the icon.

Makers’ Corner: Our readers are heavily into the make-it-yourself ethos, AKA DIY creativity. There is a deep understanding of the importance of the making process as both sacred and contemplative. Enameling is not a quick and easy craft, but rates high on the scale of awesomeness when done well. Here’s a little NHC tutorial on what it’s all about.

One For The Gipper: Another visit to the gals at the gazebo. Apparently, the locals weren’t too thrilled with this gathering as it appeared to be suspiciously absent of sports equipment and uniforms. The Soul Natural girls stood their ground and eventually the park goers began to learn about healing energy. Here’s an NHC Minute on the green.

Pause For A Cause: Our friends at Outta Wear do a great job at maintaining a sense of retail integrity in a world that rewards shadow over substance. Take a look at their website to see the latest editions to their clothing line and what they do to promote the advancement of mental health in our society.

Ecstatic dance facilitator and DJ Michael P and multi-instrumentalist Jen Gillmor present a creative community gathering to meaningfully acknowledge and celebrate the turning of the seasons. It’s taking place at Temple 23 in Liberty Village and is definitely one to add to the calendar. The Solar Rhythm events have been attracting a dedicated following this past year.

Sidewalk Chalk Vs. Corporate Goliath: Construct a giant billboard that assaults the senses of thousands of citizens, and there’s not a peep of protest. Scribble a temporary, kind, and peaceful statement onto the sidewalk, and the security guards begin to nervously swarm. Roving NHC photographer, Jeanne, captured this in the core of Toronto.

Feature photo by Caroline: Last of the summer flowers shed a tear.

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