Volume 3 Issue 01

Layers Of Philo: In this short article by Christopher Spranger, you will be drawn into an Aesopian tale. And, while that usually comes with a moral point, it also becomes a summation of a way of thought. It’s a beautiful piece, not to be missed!

Buy This: Let’s do a quick summary of what consumerism amounts to in our brainwashed society. Film animator/social commentator, Steve Cutts, lays it all out in this film that turns the cloying escapism of Mouse-land on it’s head. Highly recommended and worth sharing with your slave-master boss. Learn and enjoy!

Honey, I’m Home: If the honeybee’s have their way, it will be a buzzy summer, doing their best to fill their pollen satchels while not being flattened by GMO’s in the process. The apiaries that we rely on for this incredible food product are always worth acknowledging, and so today we bring you to Happy Bees, and we believe they are. Stock up for the remaining winter!

Paint Your Wagon: One of our readers sent this along as a reminder that we need the decorative element in our lives. As the saying goes, if you have two loaves of bread, trade one for a flower (or a painting). This may appear naive, but the philosophy is stone ground.

A Can Of Bread, Please: We often think of early 60’s counter-culture in terms of flower power aesthetics and psychedelic music, but that was the ripple furthest from the source. Street theater and performance art were also important factors in creating a dialogue for the youth to respond to. The San Francisco Diggers, who took their name from 17th century community of similar intent, are an institution unto themselves. Major cities choked by greed are creating their own backlash, and so the Diggers may likely return soon. Read more history at the healing hand.

Spinning Wheels: We love Josee’ Duranleau’s mandala art, and her fantastic renditions of the sitting Buddha. There’s a delicacy of color and transparency that evokes the state of bliss and brings the viewer into the centered world of meditation. If the geese are flying south on your living room wall, maybe this is an opportunity to fill that void. Check out the Radio City Rockettes entering the wheel of life at the icon, and check out more of her work here.

The Hand-mades Tale: As mass manufactured goods continue to decline in popularity among the consciousness buying public, sales continue to soar thanks to consumerism addiction. It’s a challenge to both sides, but the craft movement is doing a great deal to help tip the scale. Citizens of Craft is a project that helps you to source those rare goods and support crafter’s across the country. Citizens of New Human City might find this interesting.

Twist N’ Shout:  From Belarus, the land of deep foggy forests, come six guys playing music in a unique Shaman Jungle style, and they really burn. These are  powerful vibes of ancient rhythms that awaken the sleeping memory of primeval roots in us. Combining ancient and contemporary musical instruments, the sound revamps the indissoluble bonds of times.

We met Takashi Hilferink at the Trinity Art Fair this past summer, and it was difficult to forget the imagery of these powerful paintings, particularly those to do with the social reality of owning a smart phone, ie the velvet handcuff. Takashi captures the strange narcissism that defines the ‘culture’ of being connected, and of feeling significant and current. The Russian Orthodox iconography just adds to the pervasive sadness of these portraits.

Flying Sauce: It’s not often that we use the term BBQ in our reviews of products and services, because that’s more often associated with the default world and the default drool trigger. However, these people in Vermillion Bay Ontario, make a series of condiments that we had the good fortune to sample at the Royal Winter Fair. They really know how to make use of their locally sourced blueberries, and they do everything sustainably and with a deep sense of community. You can read more at the sprout. Bon apetite!

In its first year, New Human City published articles and columns every week. The Best of mE brings back the more popular mildly ECSTATIC columns, unedited, as they appeared from October 2016 to October 2017. Here’s an article that allows us to consider the grossness of the domestic product. Enjoy!

Alt-Del: The illuminating bar/cafe known as Alternity, a fixture in the Christie Pitts community for the past year and a half, has announced that they have outgrown their space and are now moving on to new quarters. An off shoot of the Bathurst street Alternative Thinking store, Alternity broke new ground in creating a very unique and alternative establishment that hosted consciousness raising events and served mighty fine elixirs and ambrosia. NHC will keep you posted about the new location.

Wagons Ho!: We are now frozen in a society that prefers to watch people make things rather than make things, as well as frozen into the idea that we always must buy what we need. Do It Yourself has been with us forever but it does very little for the gross national product, so the people in charge don’t encourage it much. This simple, practical, bicycle wagon is a celebration of making.

Feature photo: Symmetry by Rei Murikami.

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