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“The Utopia is a vision of the rational form of society, and it is best seen,
not as an end, but as an informing principle.” – Northrop Frye

Wacky Thinking

Age harmonics

I’m sixty-one, a prime number. For at least a decade, I’ve played with the notion that every prime year of one’s life is like a blank slate and non-prime years echo with the events and choices of years that are their multiples. For instance, last year I may have been in some sense revisiting a whole bunch of previous years: two, three, four, five, six, ten, twelve, fifteen, twenty and thirty—all numbers that go evenly into sixty. (I love math!)

Like ripples emanating from a pond or sound waves moving out from their source, the highs and lows of your past form harmonics that subtly affect you every day, then once in a while this “age harmonics” effect recedes and… then what?

Opening doors

Wacky thinking can only take you so far. Hopefully, it’s harmless fun and not the basis of your self-image (or worse, your psychopathy). Bumper stickers as CIA social engineering? Clouds as messages from aliens? Most of us have had the experience of conversations playfully veering off into speculation and the person we’re talking with saying, “Yeah, I was thinking about that, too!”

Please play! You never know where your imagination may take you and your friends. Sure, you can be the party pooper: “Every day is a blank slate! Besides, when you’re sixty you’re actually in your sixty-first year…” Maybe I’m pathetic, but I find comfort in the notion that this year is a blank slate, and if that notion helps me put my circumstances in a framework that suggests I try a little harder to think about my limitless (?) potential, I will happily indulge in auto-suggestion.

Casting stones

Last night at an NHC meeting I was gently chided by a co-editor about the use of “target” in my last article, Reach (“To the New Human City and the conscious community we target…”). Let the marketers target; we “aim to reach”. Truly, it’s easy for the mildly ecstatic to be so confident in their worlds that they become insensitive to how their thoughts and words might be misunderstood.

There is no New Human City, only the idea of one. Is it wacky thinking? One simple measure of that is how the idea affects you. We hope it brings the pleasant thought that you are a little more connected than you were the day before you found this website and the beautiful spirit here—not to mention the pleasant anticipation of new encounters in real time.

Will you judge the ideas that pop up in the conscious community, be a wet blanket? “People who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.” (Please write in for the rest of that joke.)

Help needed

The help needed in the New Human City includes tolerance and courage. Tolerance opens us to the strange and courage brings us to embrace it and maybe even to give it our own expression. Creating afresh on a blank slate or resonating with experiences we had long forgotten, we express individuality and the commonality of our kind. “There’s nothing new under the sun”, but there’s a lot under the sun to discover, eh?!

For its first year, New Human City published articles and columns every week. The Best of mE recycles the old mildly ECSTATIC columns; “Wacky Thinking” was uploaded on September 20, 2016.

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