Dispatch From Goa: Random Notes

Howdy! Goa is beautiful, if very busy and overrun with too many tourists who are not me, and so, are in my way and in front  of me at the fruit stand and coffee stall. The food is not quite as good as I remember, I think they are not trying very hard anymore because of so many tourists overrunning the amazing beaches.

The tide is very deep and the beach has a gentle slope which drains ever so slowly, so even in the middle of the day, the sand is nice and coolish to lie on or roll around in.

The Ecstatic Dance Festival was organized by two German friends who were physically so similar that I got confused. Pascal and Arun. Both were lovely.

It was held at a place called Forgotten Land, which was right behind  the food-providing restaurant on the beach called Tibetan Hole or something like that. It was a very beachy, cushioned, low-tabled, hip place, run by Tibetans. Forgotten land is a palm-walled, fairly open structure with a hard packed, sand floor, over which they laid linoleum.

Schedule was roughly:

8 – 10:  Breakfast and chanting singalong

10:30 – 1:00: Morning class of either Five rhythms, or Contact or this amazing thing called Wataflow, where we partnered up to pull each other around in the  water and sort of become mermaids and then cry or laugh on the beach because it really released a lot of emotions, I personally was a mess.

1 pm: Delicious Lunch, and free time to hang out, shop, sleep, whatever.

4:30- 6 pm: Afternoon workshops of very good Biodanza, excellent Authentic Relating, Fluid Body Movement, or  Shakti yoga dance ( that last one sort of sucked. I wanted to poke the teacher and ask her to shush)

7ish: Yummy dinner.

8ish:  a 2.5 hour ecstatic dance with a different Dj every night, some live music.

Always a very good opening and closing circle, with movement adventures which got the mind stilled and the heart and body moving.

Lucky to have a very great group of folks.

I especially loved the chanting in the morning, it really bonded everyone.


I would travel around and go to nothing but dance festivals if I had the energy, time and money.

It felt very good to dance. Pls remind me to do it more..

Tiravunamali kisses from the mountain.

Joni-Mae is a consciousness travel writer, assemblage artist, and frequenter of transformational festivals around the Globe.

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