Hailed globally for a voice that can transmit deep humanity and pure Love, SIMRIT KAUR effortlessly
creates through chant an hypnotic world of healing, peace and transport.
We are grateful for these thoughtful words she sent us…
(concert scheduled for April 28th at the Church of the Holy Trinity in downtown Toronto).

A Simrit Kaur Interview

  • NHC: How would you describe your evolution, from your earliest involvement in music to your present state of consciousness? Was there an epiphany along the way that made you approach your music in the form that people are now familiar with?

I would describe the evolution of my music as a natural one. I always was steeped and studied in the mystical Byzantine music of the Greek Orthodox church growing up, singing in the choir and studying the Byzantine hymns. The music I play now is no different. There may be different instruments and styles that are played but the essence is the same… It’s all about dying into the unknown and being in that mystical space. It feels like home to me. There was no epiphany. I just knew when I heard mantras playing in a Kundalini yoga class in college that I could contribute a lot in that way. 

  • NHC: As a touring artist reaching a unique demographic, how would you describe the audience members that are familiar with your work versus the audience members who approach music as entertainment and may randomly attend one of your shows?

First of all, no one is randomly at my show. They are all there for a reason, and that reason is to have a powerful experience that will stay with them forever. My music is the music of the people. Everyone is looking for a powerful and moving experience with any music that they listen to. All music is spiritual, it doesn’t matter what the style or genre. It really depends on the relationship that one has with whatever music they are listening to. My music is for everyone and there are all walks of life at my concerts. My music is the music of the people. 

  • NHC: Do you aspire to reach out to the mainstream or do you feel that is a compromise?

I don’t aspire to reach out to anything. I play the music that I love and that helps me to go deep inside and sing and play from an authentic space. That is what draws people from all walks of life. I play the music I love and I wear the clothes that I love. Therefore there is no compromise.  

  • NHC: Many well-known performers are notorious for being anxiety-ridden prior to a show, but our talks with conscious artists suggest that they don’t separate their day-to-day being from their on stage being—that they do not bring a mask and they are not acting a role. Would that describe your approach or are there still moments of trepidation?

If someone is a human and not totally numbed out, they are lying to say that they don’t feel some sort of energy before the concert. If you care about your art and what you are delivering to people, then you naturally will feel some sort of energy before the concert. Although I don’t feel anxiety-ridden before the show, I do feel butterflies… and that is because I know something powerful is going to come through and I care about my relationship to that. It’s a respect. I personally feel that there are lots of masks in the so-called “spiritual” community that people put on and they are the kind of masks that hypnotize them into thinking that they are something that they are not. No one is exempt from the human experience, although some would like to think they are. 

  • NHC: In the midst of performance, how would you describe the spiritual journey that happens to you and the audience when things work according to nature? What is the objective?

I am having a beautifully powerful, cathartic and fun time. The music takes over. My task is to please my muse, to play to my muse. That allows everyone else to have a powerful experience of their own as well.

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