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[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Diggin’ your logo which reminds me of the faded patches I used to have on my denims. I’m guessin’ your writers have some roots in the era? -Gwen, Minnesota- 

-Good eye, Gwen, the design did have that inspiration, and yes a few of us evolved from the bell-bottom era, but many of the writers are contemporary free spirits and simply understand the aesthetic of a good patchwork quilt.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Bingo on the drum article (December 26 – Sustenance). I’ve been living near Mount Royal since 2008, and I can vouch for how vibrant the scene is here. Last summer we took a road trip to Toronto to check out some of the weekend circles, and we were left holding the drum! Great read! -JC & Marlene- 

-Thanks, we had a lot of mail on that topic and it goes to show how important the drums are to life in the city. Happy rhythms on the Mount!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-broken” wrap=”i”] I like how you cross over into academic territory but never long enough to put us to sleep. And some of the writing is just plain funny…kind of refreshing given the seriousness of the topics. On a lesser note, I wish you’d talk more about Festival culture. That’s what we’re into personally. -Turlane from Guelph-

-Glad to hear the NHC helps keep you awake! Festivals are a big part of our world, and we are expecting more articles from those places soon.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart” wrap=”i”] Nice to finally see the much-talked-about site! Still, lot’s of room for improvement, but from our perspective this is the news magazine we hoped would one day appear. We live outside the GTA, and this allows us to keep in touch with the issues we care about. Namaste! Del & J.P., Niagara.

-Always open to suggestions, and glad to hear it serves a purpose beyond our own habitat.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”] Hello NHC. I just wanted to mention that I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago while researching Tagore, and article aside, I’m in awe that this even exists. I think I’ve learned more in reading a half dozen articles here in the past week then I have scrolling through any news service on the web over the last six months. A thank you.  -M. B. Straub-

-Thank you for the kind words, M.B., hoping you continue to visit and spread the word. We enjoy reading the articles too!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart” wrap=”i”] NHC, enjoying the site very much, but this seems to be very Toronto based. Will there be more information, events etc.. that cover the other regions of Canada??  -T.J.- Edmonton AB

-Currently, it’s a handful just organizing the local listings here, but yes, the intention is to have a very broad and global listing guide in the future. Good advice!

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-broken” wrap=”i”] Plenty of inaccuracies on the Santana article, but still managed to find it an engaging read. At least you approach it from a different direction. Still, as someone who attended those early concerts, it helps to put things in the correct historical context. -Cal Brundidge-

-True, we tend to drift over the stats when we  prepare an article because we feel there is so much of that info already available. We are very focused on the person rather than the timeline. However, we get what you’re saying, and it’s worth paying attention to in the future. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart-2″ wrap=”i”]  Hello all, just curious about how to get our homemade organic jams listed or reviewed on your site. I think your readers might enjoy our story and our product. -Evelyn-

Hello Evelyn, feel free to send us some information and we will take a look at your product for listing and a possible feature. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”heart” wrap=”i”] Loved..LOVED the Kilodney piece! Truly a sannyasi, and pretty sure I walked by him during his heyday. -Yuri-

-Nice to hear that it registered, thanks for your feedback!


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