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The Best of mE

“… you are a little more connected than you were the day before you found this website and the beautiful spirit here…”

The Best of mE

“Behavioural change comes from inside, naturally, not from analysis calculated to target our purchase habits or to streamline our behaviour in completing questionnaires.”


“I’ve often thought that creative people are ones who have a low tolerance for bullshit or a heightened need to tell the truth. “

The Best of mE

“We collect to dance without words and to let our bodies speak our hearts and put our minds in the back seat (the baby seat).”

GREEN movement

“Even if the UN succeeded in imposing a legal framework for turning the situation around, we would still be doomed without the heartfelt collaboration of individuals acting in common.”

dog n rope


“Anytime we find ourselves controlling it means we are not trusting. Our kids can certainly feel that. “

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!


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