So you want to donate, or you’re thinking of it. Yay! Our reasons for sustaining NHC:

– so that the info here is unique and helpful to you

– because building the consciousness community matters

Donations are all the financial support we get.  On any given day we have well over 200 listings, for free. Most events are there because we go out and find them. Some arrive because we let people post their own events–our rejection rate is low, thankfully.

NHC needs filthy lucre to go online. Whether you need NHC or you realize NHC needs you–or for both reasons–your awareness and support are welcome!

Ten grand is a lot for us and we can do a lot with it, like…

– save for NHC-sponsored events to build community

– provide a minimum wage for staff

– maintain and improve the NHC site

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Sustain the Awakening.

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