NHC accepts only listings that reflect the ideals of the magazine. Priority is given to events that require no editing and are complete in the information categories.

Priority is also given to unique monthly events. For daily and weekly workshops, please create one listing and provide the times in the Event Details section. Please allow three working days for event approval. We recommend using images without text. If the image is of poor quality, the NHC reserves the right to reject or to modify it accordingly.

LATE SUBMISSIONS: We prioritize listings for upcoming issues over late listings for online only. We will process late submissions of free listings as our time allows – no guarantees. We do not process submissions on weekends and statutory holidays.


The NHC assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the content provided in this calendar nor does inclusion in the calendar constitute endorsement of non-NHC-funded events. All listing details are submitted by event organizers. To confirm any information, please contact the organizers directly. NHC is not the organizer or owner of the events listed for sale or registration on the Services. NHC provides the service which allow organizers to list and promote their events, but all sales are made by the respective organizer listed on the applicable event page. It is the Organizer’s sole obligation to ensure that any event page posting, and the nature and conduct of the underlying event meet all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations, and that the goods and services described in any event page posting are actually delivered in a satisfactory manner.

The NHC invites all event submissions that reflect and contribute to the principles of the consciousness community as determined by the NHC advisory board. The NHC reserves the right to disclude events that it does not consider appropriate, or useful, to our readership. Priority is given to events which honour the NHC visual code of non-aggression and tranquility. Event images which feature text advertising or inappropriate content will be deleted. NHC reserves the right to replace images and text with those that better represent the purpose of the event.

NHC reserves the right to remove any of your content from the calendar at any time if the NHC believes in its discretion that it violates the Terms of Service, including without limitation, these Terms of Use; The NHC and its designees shall have the right (but not the obligation) to monitor, alter, edit or remove any of Your Content, in whole or in part, based on violations of the Terms of Service.

Legalese aside, the important thing to remember is to use the service kindly and for the purpose of helping others. Make of yourself a good example of how to behave in the world.


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