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About me

Nijen Levon Cherkezyan

Co Founder of New Human City Project

I have been born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia. I started being interested in meditations in my early twenties. In 2003 I went to Osho community in India where I was amazed by the profound vision by that enlightened mystic. I have been leading Osho meditations for last 10 years, and I am very passionate about his vision of conscious humanity. The project New Human City is my reflection of his vision of the New Man and New Humanity. " When I say the new man, I mean the conscious man. Humanity cannot be saved if the conscious man does not arrive. In the past it was not so necessary, but now it is absolutely necessary, it is a must. If the new man does not arrive on the earth, if more and more people are not going to become conscious, alert, awake, then this earth is doomed. Its fate is in the hand of the stupid politicians, and now they have immense power of destruction, such as they never had before. That is something new" - Osho


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